Position Title: Chief Real Estate Officer (CREO)
Position Location:  Athens, Georgia
Salary Range: No minimum salary specified – no maximum salary specified

Work Schedule: Full-Time
Status:  Regular Position
Wage/Hour: Exempt

Deadline for Submitting Application: Open Until Filled

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter, salary requirements, and detailed resume to:  Carol Kirchman ckirchman@athenshousing.org  [No phone calls please.]

Position Summary

The CREO has the overall responsibility for managing the operations and administration of the Real Estate Department. Critical functions of this position include real estate acquisition, rehabilitation, redevelopment, development, multi-family and single-family home design, construction observation, finance, and federal, state, and municipal program administration and regulatory compliance. Provides leadership and facilitates increased operational effectiveness and efficiency due to an ongoing and changing regulatory environment to develop affordable housing and be responsive to community affordable housing needs. As part of a team, negotiates development, regulatory, and operating agreements on behalf of the Athens Housing Authority (“AHA” or “Agency”). Coordinates assigned activities with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”), Georgia Department of Community Affairs (“DCA”), and Athens-Clarke County Unified Government (“ACCUG”) departments, among other outside agencies.  Performance of these duties also requires the application of executive skills and excellent judgement and decision-making skills.  Duties are performed under the general supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), and results are evaluated by the CEO, HUD audits, on-site inspections by HUD facility personnel, and independent audits of the department’s programs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The statements contained here reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required and the scope of responsibility but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements.  The CREO may perform other duties as assigned, including work in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods, or otherwise to balance the workload.  The CREO is an at-will employee, and the listed duties and functions in no way alter or affect the at-will relationship between the parties.

Department Oversight

  1. Oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, procedures, and guidelines for the programs and operations related to real estate development, capital improvements, Multifamily Bond Financing Program, and neighborhood revitalization programs.
  2. In coordination with the Finance Department, oversees and monitors the operating budget relative to the department and programs, to ensure department is operating within budget constraints. Manages budgets and cost allocations for acquisition/construction recommendations.
  3. Reviews and evaluates staff work/projects.  Reviews and approves all staff documentation, applications, and reports before submitting to the CEO for final review and execution.
  4. Prepares written reports, oversees HUD reporting, revitalization plan amendments, and the close out process for grants.
  5. Conducts presentations to CEO and Board of Commissioners.
  6. Performs site visits to observe work in progress or for inspection purposes.
  7. Serves as development resource to ACCUG staff, DCA, HUD, and other partners/stakeholders.
  8. Performs speaking engagements, presenting information regarding AHA and real estate programs.
  9. Participates in training and developmental activities as directed by the CEO.
  10. Provides coordination and leadership within the organization and between development team members such as Architect and Engineering (A/E), environmental consultants, appraisers, market analysts, legal, debt/equity partners.
  11. Works closely with A/E firms, as primary AHA contact, to ensure that final contract documents are complete and accurate.
  12. Communicates orally and in writing with funding agencies and other governmental entities regarding issues related to the AHA’s development, capital needs, and homeownership programs.
  13. Proposes budget and staffing levels for the department.
  14. Performs other duties as directed by the Chief Executive Officer. 
  15. Develops and implements programs as directed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Real Estate Development

  1. Directs, plans, and monitors programs related to the development, redevelopment, and acquisition of land or acquisition of land and improvements, and rehabilitation; directs the strategy of repositioning existing properties through portfolio planning efforts.
  2. Holds primary responsibility for creating redevelopment strategies and overseeing implementation; executes strategies for making the AHA a self-sustaining real estate organization; meets and maintains production goals.
  3. Meets or confers with prospective development partners and property owners to evaluate opportunities for joint ventures related to the development of affordable housing.
  4. Engages in activities that identify and pursue appropriate funding to support affordable housing goals; monitors market conditions and reviews opportunities for refinancing of properties.
  5. On Public-Private Partnership (“P3”) and Joint Venture (“JV”) opportunities, recommends the best alternatives on transactions involving new developments, acquisitions, and dispositions.   Assists CEO in the negotiation of JV agreements, key business criteria, development agreements, Limited Partnership Agreements, and other transaction documents.

On AHA self-develop opportunities, produces development and operating budgets and proformas, oversees all team member contracts (i.e., A/E, contractors, and specialty consultants such as appraisers, environmental and market analy